Transforming Organizational Culture for a Future-Proof Business

The top-performing companies share a common trait: a robust organizational culture that genuinely cares for human beings. This doesn’t mean coddling employees; it means fostering an environment where employees can discover, develop, and apply their talents toward a commonly shared vision of success. The best cultures aren’t built on force or manipulation. Instead, they measure […]

Demystifying Psychological Safety: Beyond the Buzzword

Psychological safety has become a buzzword, often misunderstood and sometimes even misused. At its core, psychological safety is about creating an environment where team members feel secure enough to take risks, express their ideas, and be themselves without fear of negative consequences. Why do we need it? Because it fosters innovation, growth, and a supportive […]

Transforming Company Culture: Beyond Workshops and Emails

In the quest for culture transformation within companies, common pitfalls often derail well-intentioned efforts. Here’s what companies are often getting wrong: The mistake many companies make is treating culture change as a straightforward project, filled with workshops and dialogues. Real culture shines during tough times, revealing whether a company can truly claim to be customer-focused, […]

Risk of leadership culture without attention to personal psychological development

Leadership in companies plays a crucial role in shaping the work environment and the success of the company. However, a leadership culture that does not pay adequate attention to personal psychological development can pose risks and cause harm to both individuals and organizations. Let’s look at the example of Mathew, a production manager, who finds […]

Addressing Workplace Drama: A Lesson from the Front Lines

Recently, I had a profound discussion with board members of a renowned company, exploring potential collaboration to reinvent their HR function and organizational culture which, as described, is currently facing significant challenges. The conversation was concerning. A key issue highlighted was the ongoing conflict between unions and the management board. This conflict manifests in unsettling […]

Unlock Your Change Management Potential with the Self-Assessment Tool

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Leadership Growth Change is a constant in today’s fast-paced business world, and effective change management is a crucial skill for every leader. Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement in this domain is the first step towards becoming a more effective leader. That’s why we’ve developed a concise […]

Every organizational change could be a journey of human evolution

Introduction: The Hidden Drama of Organizational Change In the high-stakes drama of organizational change, an unseen narrative unfolds. It’s a story where human emotions and resistance play leading roles, setting the stage for a journey not just of organizational transformation but also of personal growth and deeper human connections. Act 1: Unveiling the Invisible Enemies […]

Shadows of the Business World; Seriousness, Profit-Centricity and Competition

In the grand tapestry of the business world, we’ve overlooked a few threads, some essential aspects that hold the potential to redefine the entire paradigm. Business is not just about creating value for clients or accumulating wealth; it’s a gateway to solving some of society’s most pressing issues. Yet, hidden within this world, there exist […]

Leadership Beyond Pleasure and Pain

In our intricate dance with the world, we are sensory beings, and our experiences are painted with hues of pleasure and pain. However, these sensations often carry more weight than we realize. A raised voice during a meeting may trigger irritation, stemming not solely from the current situation but a painful memory from the past, […]

Unlocking the Power of Heart-Centered Leadership: The Art of Letting Go

Do you ever wonder what sets a heart-centered leader apart? It’s their unique ability to unlearn, to peel away layers of conditioning and self-protective strategies. Heart-centered leadership is about re-remembering our true nature, the essence of who we are as human beings. A Glimpse into Heart-Centered Leadership Imagine a leader who, instead of reacting with […]